kk gimme 5 minutes i’ll set him up then im out i’ll talk to u 2morrow or some shit bye

Thank you!!!!! Good Night!!!

Yaseeee get on skype I wanna see Yusuf

i dont think that would be ok

What do you mean it’d be perfect?

Viv would be Maya, Adam as Luke. Levet could be the storyteller or even Ryuuichi I don’t care I just want to be that babe. Oh yeah, you could be Espella?

can i come and be the storyteller or the dog

Oh, you know what would be cool? A group for an Australian or Japanese convention of all of us. Adam could be LUKE OH MY GOD!

Yusuf and I are going to cosplay Lord Jeeken Barnrod and Jodola hope I can get it all done it’s so hard when he’s in Australia and I’m here

i did but she wants to fuck valkenhayn how can u want to fuck a corpse when the hottest dad in the world is right there

She has bad taste that’s why I married the hot brother and she chose to be with the literal old man. 

do u want to ruin jins ass or do u want him to ruin your also whats your relius opinions

Well to be honest I want it both ways with a lot of characters. Relius is a trope character but I still like him because of his seiyuu. I’m not into dads so much but get Yase more into BlazBlue and she’ll be on it.

I was thinking about the whole Carl debate and I realised I kind of like Carl but I like Jin so that says a lot about my taste in BlazBlue characters

hi hayate i was just wondering what kind of music are you into?

Right now it’s just anyone under Yasutaka Nakata so a lot of Capsule, Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Also I finally picked up a copy of Yeezus that’s all the English music I have been listening to lately.